Where's Jennifer:Speaking Schedule 2017

KBrite Radio Show (AM 1240)
Topic: The Art of Intimate Marriage (See Podcast link for recordings)

MARCH 3-4: AAMFT-CA Conference*
Where: San Diego, USD
Topic(s)/Time: 1) Couples Recovery from Addiction on 3/3 at 3:30-4:20
2) Examining Sexual Intimacy from a Faith-Based Perspective on 3/4 at 1:30-2:30

APRIL 17: Alliant Int'l University Guest Lecture*
Where: San Diego, AIU
Topic: Behavioral Addictions

APRIL 19 - May 24 (Wednesdays): Love, Laughter and Law: The Power of Parenting (Public Welcome)
Where: Rancho Penasquitos, CA
Topic: Sexual Dysfunction and Sex Therapy

MAY 28: The Rock Church*
Topic: Same-Sex Attraction

Location/Time: 2277 Rosecrans St; 2:00-4:00

JUNE 13: Women's Workshop: The Sexual Relationship in Marriage (Public Welcome)
Location: 4579 Mission Gorge Pl, San Diego

Time: 7:30-8:30

JUNE 25: God, Women and Sexuality Workshop (Public Welcome, Registration Required)
Location: Mira Costa High School, 1401 Artesia Blvd, Manhattan Beach, CA
Time: 1:00 - 4:00

JULY 4, 5: Alliant Int'l University Guest Lecture*
Topic: Examining Sexual Intimacy from a Faith-Based Perspective
Location: Alliant Int'l University San Diego

AUGUST 16: STEM (Sex Therapy Education and Medicine) (All Professionals are welcome)
Topic: Addiction and Sexual Disorders
Location and Time: Alvarado Hospital; 7:00 - 9:00

AUGUST 18-19: Christian Counselors Conference 2017 (All Professionals welcome Friday. Public welcome Saturday. Registration required).

Topic: Friday - 1:00-2:00 Sexuality in Therapy*

Topics: Saturday - 2:00-2:45 - What Counselors/Ministers Need to Know About Counseling Laws; 4:00-5:00 Panel Discussion 

Location: Antelope Valley Church, Lancaster, CA

SEPTEMBER 1, 2: All Generation Families Conference (Public Welcome, Registration Required)
Topic(s): 1) Exceptional Marriage (Intimacy for Couples with Special Needs Children)
2) Teaching Your Children About Sex and Drugs

SEPTEMBER 26: Institute of Violence, Abuse and Trauma (IVAT)*
Topic: Sex Therapy for Couples Impacted by Trauma and Adverse Sexual Events in Childhood and Adolescence
Location and Time: Hyatt Regency, La Jolla CA; 4:30 - 6:00

OCTOBER 2017: The Art of Intimate Marriage Couple Intensive (TBD)
(Public Welcome, Registration Required)

NOVEMBER 4,5: The Art of Intimate Marriage - Marriage Retreat

Location: Los Angeles, TBD

(Public Welcome, Registration Required)

NOVEMBER 2017: Sex Therapy Training (TBD)*
Topics: 1) Assessment and Medical Issues in Sex Therapy
2) The EIS Model of Sex Therapy

*Therapist/Counselor Training