The Art of Intimate Marriage Workshop

For the Weekend small group version for couples, The Art of Intimate Marriage Intensive, click here Intensives.

A workshop is the version of The Intimate Marriage in a larger group format. Topics can include:

•God’s Perspective on Sexuality: What does spiritual sexuality look like
•God’s Sexual Ethic: Maintaining purity and understanding biblical boundaries in sexuality
•Anatomy and Physiology 101: Understanding the basics of how sex works (or doesn’t work)
•Development of Sexuality: The Influence of experiences in childhood and adolescence on the adult sexual relationship
•Validation and Empathy: Genuine understanding in all areas of communication, especially the sexual relationship
•Understanding and Treating Sexual Dysfunctions: Erectile, ejaculation, sexual pain, orgasm, arousal and desire disorders
•BioMed 101: How aging, body image, medications, illness, chronic pain, and medical complications affect sexuality
•Dealing with the Past: Sexual abuse, past sexual relationships and practices, affairs
•Skin Hunger: The importance of Touch and Affection
•The Intimate Relationship: Exploring and building intimacy relationally, verbally, physically, sensually, and sexually
•What’s Allowed: Fun, practical, spiritual, playful exploration of the sexual repertoire

Length: this workshop can be offered in various lengths, from 2-12 hours. Call Jennifer to plan what meets your groups needs.

Contact Info:
Call Jennifer at 858-775-0500