Sex Therapy

Do any of these words describe you marriage:

*You would like to improve sexual intimacy in your marriage but are not sure where to start and/or you find this difficult to talk about with your spouse.

*Your marriage is doing well but your sexual relationship has been a source of frustration, disappointment, pain, and sadness.

*Your sexual relationship has challenges due to sexual trauma, infidelity, or mental health issues.

*You have challenges in any of the following areas: sexual pain, arousal, desire, orgasm, erection, or ejaculation; chronic illness, surgeries, or diseases that influence your sexual relationship.

If these words describe what you are experiencing your marriage, consider some of the options for help below!

To schedule an individual couples session with Jennifer, Call: 858-775-0500 or Email at  or 

*Week Long Intensives available for couples living out of town: Call Jennifer for details.

I work with individuals and couples with the following issues:

Lack of Orgasm or Enjoyment of Sexual Relationship
Lack of intimacy
Challenges with Desire and Arousal
Erectile and Ejaculation Difficulties
Vaginal Pain
Sexual Trauma
Affairs and Pornography
Sexual Addiction

Available Hours: By appointment, 9:00-3:00, M, T, Th, F
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