Sexuality and God

One of the areas about sexuality that can be very confusing for Christians is where does God fit in the picture. I probably have about 50 books and 200 articles on sexuality on my bookshelves, some from a Christian perspective, some not. This is only a very small amount of the information out there on this incredibly important area of the marital relationship. As I have worked in the area of sexuality as a therapist and as a Christian, my journey has included a continual search, both personally and professionally, for grounding in the scriptures and for finding what really works in helping couples improve their sexual relationship.
Before I began specializing in sexuality, I took some extensive time to look up every scripture that referenced sex and marriage. If you are a therapist working from a Christian perspective, wanting to grow in your competence in working with sexuality, this is my first recommendation. If you are a married couple, and this is an area of difficulty, this is my first recommendation. There are many books out there in the Christian publishing industry that have many different perspectives and theological stances about the marital and sexual relationship. Although there is some very helpful stuff out there, it is important to take a very critical stance when reading them. Some books, even though the motivation of the author(s) may be to help, do contain some important biblical, psychological, and physiological errors. Others take stances that may be contrary to the heart of the scriptures and the heart God has about sexuality between men and women. I hope you take the same critical view of what will be shared here.
I will go into greater detail in future posts, but I strongly believe that God is very sex positive. In my work with couples and in doing workshops, both as a therapist and in the ministry, I have found there is usually a lot of learning and relearning that has to happen to get God's perspective on sex, to work through false beliefs about sex, and to work through the incredible pain that often surrounds this area of an individual's life. This ties in to the first recommendation I mentioned above. To get help in this area, pray, read, ask, pray some more. Get the help you need and get yourself grounded in the scriptures, not just in the area of sexuality, but period. One thing to watch, which I have seen many times: do not use the scriptures as a tool of coercion, ever. Jesus did not do it. We should not. Allow God to use His word to work on your heart and your convictions.
My prayer is that by doing this blog, I will grow in my own effectiveness and biblical convictions working in this area. I also pray you may benefit as well. May God's Spirit oversee this whole project.