About Dr. Jennifer Konzen               PsyD, LMFT, CST

I have a doctorate of psychology in marriage and family therapy, am a licensed marriage and family therapist, a certified sex therapist, a wife, and a mother. Not in that order. I live in San Diego along with my husband Tim and our four kids. I have had the joy of working with couples, individuals, and families who come to see me for many different reasons. Many of those couples come to see me specifically for sexuality. I have been a parent educator, a marriage, parenting, and sexuality seminar and conference speaker, and yes, a Broadway showtunes performer (my undergraduate degree is in Musical Theater and Vocal Performance).

I have specialized training in certain areas of therapy as well. I am a certified Chemical Dependency Counselor, and I also have specialized training in eating disorders and play therapy. I am a certified Sex Therapist with the American Board of Christian Sex Therapists.

I am also a nationally award winning researcher, an international speaker, and an adjunct professor at Alliant International University, San Diego and Bethel Seminary, San Diego. I am the author of three books: The Art of Intimate Marriage and Redeemed Sexuality, and Graduated Intimacy: A Guided Intervention for Increasing Sexual Intimacy in Marriage. I've been married over two decades and have 4 wonderful children.

Jennifer Konzen, PsyD, LMFT, CST
Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist, #MFT51241
Certified Sex Therapist
Director, Center for Sexuality